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Join our 70+ dealers at St. Martin's Antiques Centre

At St Martin’s Antiques Centre we offer both floor spaces and cabinets to potential Dealers. Our floor spaces are approximately 60 square feet, due to the quirky nature of the building some are a bit smaller & some are a bit bigger, and similar some come with wall space, some with windows & some are just islands in the floor, but they each carry their own advantages. Our cabinets, like the floor spaces come in a range of sizes, the majority being locked cabinets.

We welcome both experienced dealers & those for who it may be the first step & will happily provide support and guidance for those to whom it may be a first step.

If you are interested in joining us as a dealer at St. Martins, then please complete the registration form below and we will be in contact shortly to discuss what we may have available that would match your requirements.