Japanese 1950s Novelty Cigarette Lighter

A Japanese 1950s novelty cigarette lighter in the form of a camera.


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This 1950s novelty cigarette lighter is marked ‘Oriental’; is was thought that it would sell more easily than if it had been marked ‘Made in Japan’ so close to the end of WW2. It was made by KKW, a Japanese company. All the camera details are very accurate. There is an ‘On/Off’ mechanism at the front, and when turned to the ‘On’ position, a button at the top of the camera is depressed to open the lighter to flick a spark. There is a working compass inset to the front of the camera. The camera is on ‘tripod’ legs ( not telescopic) which fold together and unscrew. There is no lighter fluid in the lighter.

Condition: Excellent condition, although not tested.

Dimensions: Standing on tripod – H 9.5cms.  Camera – H4cms W 6.5cms D 2cms

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